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From: MARK <GRYSKA@cs.umass.EDU>
Date: 1989-02-03 17:24:00 GMT

hplabs!harvard!ima!wang7!klm writes:

>I would like to add a bit of Dextrin (non-fermentable sugar) to my
>priming mix at bottling time in an attempt to sweeten the beer, add
>a bit more 'body' and balance out the roasted flavor.

I've used malto-dextrine powder in a couple of batches, each time I
added it to the kettle. In one case I used ~2 ounces (1/4c.) in a 5
gallon batch and ended up with a fairly sweet beer. My advice would be
to go easy.

Perhaps the best way to judge the correct amount would be to remove a
sample from the secondary and measure it out into small containers. Add
a small amount to each container, increasing the amount added to each
sample. Taste the samples and find the one suits your tastebuds. Scale
up the amount of malto-dextrine based on the quantity in that sample.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1) Malto-dextrine is some combination of fermentable and
unfermentable sugars, adjust the amount based on this
2) You should be able to figure out a reasonable range based
on recipes that use malto-dextrine and advice from fellow
3) The quantities involved are fairly small, figure out
the best way to ACCURATELY measure these quantities
given your equipment and be precise.
4) Relax, Don't Worry! Brewing is fun.

On the technical side of things a couple of questions pop to my
mind. Do some sugars taste sweeter than other sugars? Is there some
way to account for this in this type of procedure?

By all means, let us know what you ended up doing with the beer and
the results. Good Luck!

- mg

Mark Gryska

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