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From: Jim Haselmaier <jimh@hpfcspm>
Subject: A New Brew....
Date: 1989-02-03 19:20:44 GMT

[Oh....I'm stepping into some unchartered waters. We'll see if I get
laughed off the net...]

I've decided to try a batch of pop ('soda' for you Easterners...).
Yesterday I bought some Ginger Ale extract. The standard recipe calls
for cane sugar, extract, water and champagne yeast. A fellow brewser
told me that only a small portion of cane sugar is fermentable. So it
seems that the yeast would gobble up the (small) number of fermentables
to give a little carbonation. But leave a bunch left over for the
traditional sweet taste of pop.

One of the recipe variations that came with the extract is to substitute
honey in place of cane sugar. They say that honey is sweeter than
regular sugar; so use less. But from my beer experiences I recall that
honey is EXTREMELY fermentable. Is there a possibility that fermentable
honey in the brew could lead to breaking bottles? It seems that those
yeasties would gobble all that sweet stuff up and burst the bottles.

Or is it that, since there aren't many nutrients for the yeast to
survive in, the yeasties will die off quickly?

Any comments?

Jim Haselmaier

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