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Subject: National Competition Rules (outline)
Date: 1989-02-03 14:09:45 GMT

Mike writes:

> From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
> Subject: AHA National Competition Rumors
> This year's AHA Conference and Competition will be held in Fort Mitchell,
> KY during the week of June 7-10. I've been told that the logistics for the
> competition will be different from previous years. Here's what I heard:
> [ text deleted ]
> Please note that the AHA has not announced dates or confirmed these rumors

I got a full set of rules, entry forms etc. mailed to our club address over
a month ago. Here are the highlights. Entry fee is $6.50 for AHA members,
$8.50 for non-members (per entry). Preliminary round judging will be done
in Boulder, CO, and entries must be recieved by 5 PM April 25. Entries for
the first round will consist of ONE 12-14 oz brown or green bottle, no grolsch
type bottles. Judging will take place in two rounds. In the first
round, each judge will score 5 to 10 entries in one class or subcategory,
selecting the best three. The second round consists of all beers selected in
the first round. In this round a group of judges scores each beer in one
class. The winner in each class is then judged by a group of the most
experienced judges for the best of show. Some entries eliminated in the first
round may be judged by only one judge. First round judging will be conducted
April 25 to May 15 in Boulder, CO. All entrants qualifying for second round
judging will be notified by first classs mail during the week of May 15 and
will be requested and instructed on how, what, when, and where to send two
additional bottles for judging. Final (second round) judging and Best of Show
will be conducted June 7 and 8 during the Conference at the Oldenberg brewery
in Ft. Mitchell, Ky. There is a note the two bottles will be required for
final judging for all categories except pale ales, which will require three.

I am sure you can get a copy of this for asking. At the bottom it says:

"Any questions about the competition regulations, procedures, awards, etc.
should be directed to:"

David Welker, Director
AHA 1989 National Competition
American Homebrewers Association
Box 287
Boulder, CO 80306-0287

Steve Conklin uunet!ingr!tesla!steve
Intergraph Corp. tesla!
Huntsville, AL 35807 (205) 772-4013

Relax! Don't worry. Have a homebrew.

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