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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Re: naturally conditioned commericial beers
Date: 1989-02-05 19:21:47 GMT

|From: (Jay Hersh)

|Someone said something about not being able to naturally condition your beer
|if you filter. Nonsense. For commercial brewers who filter they naturally
|condition their beer first, then filter on the way into the bottle or keg.
|This allows them to "cold filter" the cold conditioned beer. After all the
|filter won't remove the CO2 which is dissolved into the beer. I don't
|know how common it is to do this but it is done.

"They naturally condition their beer first.." Nonsense. They do let it ferment
out, and water it down as appropriate. It is injected with C02 *after* it
is filtered and placed in bottles.


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