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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: Mexican Beers (fwd)
Date: 1989-02-06 20:40:17 GMT

I received the following from the MEXICO-L mailing list on bitnet.

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->Date: Mon, 6 Feb 89 12:02:00 EDT
->Reply-To: "Knowing Mexico: people, places, culture." <MEXICO-L%TECMTYVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
->Sender: "Knowing Mexico: people, places, culture." <MEXICO-L%TECMTYVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
->From: "Marco A. Pinones I." <BL190827%TECMTYVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
->Subject: Mexican Beers
->To: andrew mossberg <aem@MIAVAX.IR.MIAMI.EDU>
-> Mexico - Inheritor Of The Brewer Industry.
->In Latin America as well as in the world there are great breweries, and one
->of them is Mexico, whom is well known, as a factory of the best quality in
->Mexico inheritor of the brewery, with the biggest tradition in the world.
->Beer delicious refreshing frothy drink with a difficult history.
->Some year ago, according to National Geographic Magazine, each one of the
->nations of Latin America, are sure, about their own country has the best beer
->in the market, but there is only one brewery wich varierity and quality, is
->True of false, our country is the only one who competes internationally.
->We must notice, we have one of the oldest and traditional beers, 'Bohemia',
->made at Cerveceria Cuahutemoc, wich has a good taste, strong hop and also a
->good density, as well as alcohol content.
->On the other hand, national Brewery pioneers were forced to overcoming
->difficulties, competition of the imported breweries, wich were in the market
->since centuries before, with tradition and a good quality, that reason was
->the responsible for not so good opinions in the years of 1890, when in this
->City of Monterrey, N. L., was born the first brewery wich today is a firm of
->international standing.
->Cerveceria Cuahutemoc, in its first year produced 10,000 draught beers,
->(barrels) and 5,000 bottles per day.
->More than 100 years ago Monterrey's brewery generation is one of the biggest
->and innovative industry in the last years, its goal has been to give a high
->quality product, so, now Mexico, is the inheritor of this international and
->traditional beer.
->There are great number of prizes won in recently years. Speak about Cerveceria
->Cuahutemoc is to speak about promoting and leader industries.
->>From 1929 to 1969, were born several breweries with a total of 8 plants located
->in Nogales, Veracruz, Guadalajara, Culiacan, Tecate, Toluca, Ciudad Juarez and
->It is tought that in 1910, the quality of our beer was noticed internationally.
->In 1945, 249,440 hectoliters of beer were exported, and 'Carta Blanca' was
->known in United States and Canada, besides other beers began to be distributed;
->Brisa, Bohemia, Tecate, are faithfull testimony of Mexico's beer quality.
->Lately Cerveceria Cuahutemoc, place some of its brands in Europe, South America
->African countries and Japan.
->'Bohemia' is a very acceptable to good drinkers and is found in exclusively
->places, people who know everything about beer, reconized Bohemia as one of the
->best, is light and frothy.
->The most popular of this brewery is 'Carta Blanca', itself is a century of
->history and tradition, others well known brands are, Tecate, wich is in
->preference of young people, and this popularity began when marketing suggested
->to drink it with lemon and salt.
->(Taken from the 'Telex' magazine).

a.e.mossberg MIAVAX::AEM (Span) aem@umiami.BITNET (soon)
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