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From: unet!mccrae!jimmc@Sun.COM (Jim McCrae)
Subject: Lager fermentation
Date: 1989-02-07 02:50:56 GMT

I'm venturing into the world of lagering after a string
of successes in the top-fermenting world. "Joy Of ..." is
my only book, and Mr. P. really doesn't get into the details
of lagering, so I'm seeking some guidance..

At the moment I have what promises to be an excellent Pilsener
in the 2nd day of primary fermentation. Yesterday I started the
yeast at about 70F. It took off in a few hours. I pitched it when
the wort had dropped to below 60F and left it at room temperature
overnight. It got VERY cold last night; the dog water dish outside
the door had a healthy 1/4" of ice on it this morning, and that
was about 5 feet away from the fermenter. I would guess the wort
dropped to the 40F's; there was some residual heat in the basement
where it was kept. This morning I put the primary in the basement
fridge, set to ~45F. So far I have seen no activity in the primary,
but I'm assuming it's too early given the cold temps I've kept it at.

Is the primary supposed to be kept at lagering temperatures right
from the start like I've done? Or does the yeast need a few days
at room temp to get started in the wort? Note that the starter batch,
about a cup, was doing great when I put it in the wort. How long should
the brew sit in secondary? All in the fridge or some at room temp?

Can anyone give me some pointers on timing and temperature? I don't
think I would enjoy a malt daiquiri all that much.

Jim McCrae -> jimmc@unet.PacBell.COM

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