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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Follow-up on Earlier Note Re: ginger beer
Date: 1989-02-07 02:26:29 GMT

My most recent batch of ginger beer was made with re-cultured yeast
from Dogbolter beer kit (rather than bread yeast). There is a definite
improvement noted.

How I re-cultured the yeast, in case you care. (Care: it's cheaper
than buying new yeast. $0 vs $something.) After I siphoned the beer
out of the secondary fermentation vessel, there was some small amount
of beer which didn't go up the siphon, along with rather a lot of ugly
and bitter grey sludge.

I added a modicum of water to assist, swirled the mess around to get
most of the ugly grey sludge in suspension, and poured it into a
glass juice bottle (clean! Make sure it's clean!). The same was
put in the back of the food fridge, and I take samples of the yeast
as needed by sticking a (clean! Make sure it's clean!) knife in
and scooping some of the sludge from the bottom.

It has been some weeks since I stashed this yeast in the back of the
food fridge (under the weak beer mixture). There has clearly been no
deterioration in the material, possibly in part because I keep the food
fridge quite cold, esp. toward the back. Adding sugar and a couple of
hours of time, I had a very vigourous yeast culture for the ginger beer.

Dr. T. Andrews, Systems
CompuData, Inc. DeLand
[moderator: if I'm going on too long, trim after the first 2 .PP and
I'll try to hide my feelings :-]

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