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From: ephram@violet.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: Un-Carbonated beer!
Date: 1989-02-08 03:07:57 GMT

Hi there fellow homebrewers. I recently (Nov.) made a Kit. It was my 1st one
and called for alot of sugar and tap water. I was tired the night we made the
brew and my girlfreind took command (ie. sanitation, we don't need no
esteenkeen sanitation). I decided that I did not want to argue and let her
follow the recipie on the can. At least I convinced her to put the thing
in a carbouy, She wanted to put it in an open bucket with a damp rag on
it! "But, The directions do not mention anything about an airlock".

I decided that if it went bad I did not care so bubbling away it went.
Exactly 5 days later, the instructions said, bottle the beer. She did
not win that one either though she put up a good fight.

Fermentation done with we bottled the beer and set it aside to carb up.
It never did. I later found out that the cork caps that I used for the
1st time should not get boiled, they should be chlorined for sterilization.

Well here I am with 2 cases of flat beer that incedentaly did not get infected.
How can I carbonate it? I have tried adding sugar to a bottle (1/2 tsp. corn
sugar to a bottle and recap with a plastic lined cap) and no luck. Should I
add more sugar? is the yeast incative after all this time? should I
re-inocultae (pour all the bottles into a bucket add sugar and yeast and
re-bottle)? any suggestions? use a soda siphon?

Thanx for the suggestions

We must prevent those commies from compromising the integrity of our
precious bodily fluids. -Gen. Jack D. Ripper
Ephram Cohen
466 44th St. #1 3210 Tolman Hall
Oakland, CA 94609 Berkeley, CA 94720

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