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From: hplabs!uiucdcs!iwtsf!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 312 979 8583)
Subject: Citrus fruits in beer.
Date: 1989-02-08 19:16:11 GMT

Hello again--
Here's a little bit of history regarding citrus fruits in beer:

1) Lemon slices in weizen (or weiss - wheat or "white" beer)
originated during the BR era (before refrigerators). Weizen
used to spoil more easily (maybe due to lower hopping rates)
and sour. Weizen drinkers used to put lemon in their beer
to make it drinkable. Since the invention of the refridgerator,
the tradition continues in some circles, but _TRUE_ weizen
drinkers skip the lemon (this theory was reinforced on my
trip through Bavaria last year around Faching (the German equivalent
of Mardi Gras).

2) Lime slices in Mexican beer originated when they began using
cans for distributing beer. The back room of a bar in rural
Mexico can provide plenty of dust and dirt to settle on the
top of the can. Bottles are fine - take off the cap and
pour, but what's a patron to do with the top of a can?
Hmmm, let's see... what can I use to clean off the top
of this can? How about one of these lime wedges set on the
bar for the tequilla? Yes -- this is how the limes got near
the beer, but the locals always threw the dirt-encrusted lime
away. It took a half-blitzed Madison Avenue-type to misunderstand
the lime into the beer.

Personally, I have tried only Corona, Carta Blanca, and Tecate, and
I find all of them poor excuses for beer. As we all know, 98% of
your beer is water, so, garbage-in-garbage-out.


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