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From: (Jay Hersh)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-02-09 22:16:20 GMT

I think Mr. Mossberg has misinterpreted my response on this. By commercial
brewers I meant any brewery which bottles and sells their product. Yes
many commercial breweries ferment out, then filter, then inject CO2 into
the beer at bottling time. This is how the really big boys do it.

It is as I stated completely possible to ferment the beer, transfer it to
a conditioning tank where it is allowed to carbonate naturally, and clarify.
Then one of two things can be done. The beer can be bottled straight off,
or it can be filtered on its way into the bottle. It also occurs that some
brewers filter on the way from the fermentation tank to the conditioning
tank. The reason to filter after conditioning is that at the end of
conditioning the temperature of the beer is typically lowered. This allows
the CO2 formed to dissolve into the beer better and also causes protein
and tannin to precipitate. If the beer is not chilled the protein and tannin
will remain in suspension. By chilling the beer the precipitate (known to
homebrewers as chill haze) is forced to form. It may settle out, but more
typically it must be filtered as a precitpitate.

-jay h

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