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From: (Joseph Palladino)
Subject: assorted
Date: 1989-02-10 03:40:12 GMT

On Wed. Al Korzonas asked for a table relating specific gravity
at various temps. to that at 60 F. Is this what your after?

Temperature (F) Fudge Factor
50 subtract 0.5
60 0.
70 add 1
77 add 2
84 add 3
95 add 5
105 add 7

These factors are thousanths of a unit, e.g. for a measurement
of 1.042 at 70 degrees the true reading is 1.043

Malt Extract Recipes:

A month or so ago I asked for advice and recipes for Pale Ales.
I received exactly NO responses. Perhaps I was too restrictive.
How about any decent recipes for ANY beers resembling:
LAGERS esp. Pilsner Urquell contestors

My experience with homebrewing to date has been great success
with a John Bull Bitter Ale kit and drinkable but not worth the
effort brews by mixing specialty grains like a pound or so of
crystal malt with unhopped malt extracts and adding leaf hops.
I tried a recipe straight out of Papazian's book and didn't
experiment, Palalia Pale Ale. It's pretty good but overhopped.
Perhaps I will be assailed with responses stating that I can only
expect great beers by mashing. I hope not.

So, how about it?


Thank you in advance.


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