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From: hplabs!utah-cs!!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: What's wrong with plastic?
Date: 1989-02-10 08:33:54 GMT

I'm not quite convinced that bottling homebrew in plastic is a Bad Thing.
I admit that my first reaction was the same as many other folks, namely
that plastic (clearly one of the True Devils of modern society) was likely
to cause problems in the beer. But why should that be? It shouldn't
really be that hard to find a food-grade plastic that doesn't interact with
the stuff in beer. At the least, it shouldn't be hard to test whether a
given plastic causes some bad interactions. I've seen a couple of decent
British beers (Watney's was one) packaged in plastic bottles, and I suspect
they care a bit about their beer. If I had to make a random guess, I'd
guess they're PET. You ought to be able to re-use these bottles at least a
few times, and they have some obvious advantages:
- greater pressure tolerance
- more graceful failure under pressure (i.e., messy but not
- large
- lightweight
I think I'd limit the number of re-uses of the bottle, because it's going
to pick up scratches and it's not going to be trivial to clean.
Dick Dunn {ncar;ico;stcvax}!raven!rcd (303)494-0965

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