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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Re:
Date: 1989-02-10 13:17:42 GMT

|From: "V70NPT::LENO" <leno%v70npt.decnet@nusc.ARPA>
|Subject: Re:

| In digest #69 a.e.mossberg mentioned that the digests have
| been archived at

| Our host table doesn't have an entry for it. Could he please
| post the Internet node numbers for this machine. Hopefully
| I'm the only one with this problem.

Gee, your system administrator must be rather lax. We've been listed for
at least a year! :-)

Our internet address is:

We will soon be back on SPAN... If anyone needs that address, please
query via email.

a.e.mossberg MIAVAX::AEM (Span) aem@umiami.BITNET (soon)
Average fine in Barvaria, West Germany for calling a traffic officer a damischer
Bulle: $1,710. For calling a traffic officer a Stinkstiefel: $51
- Harper's Index 9/88

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