From the HBD Archive
From: Michael Bergman <>
Subject: Champagne Yeast and More ??? on dry hopping
Date: 1989-02-10 16:08:06 GMT

>>First , an apology to Dr. Andrews. I didn't make sure my brain was
>>engaged prior to releasing my hands to reply about the yeast issue.
>>Oh well. But while on the subject, I mentioned I bottled a kit of
>>root beer about 4 weeks back. Well to see if I had any 12oz. time
>>bombs lurking in my cellar, I opened one to see where the carbonation
>>had gotten to. Well it hasn't gotten far at all in this time. There
>>was perceivable carbonation just starting, but *just* preceivable.
>>Therefore I would hazard a guess that the champagne yeast is not as
>>vigorous as _beer_ yeast.(there I got it right this time) So I think
>>using champagne yeast for these applications appears to be a better

If the cellar is cool, the "problem" might be that champagne yeast
likes it warmer than beer yeast.


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