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From: dsbaer@Sun.COM (David Baer)
Subject: Pale Ale recipe
Date: 1989-02-10 17:22:30 GMT

Joseph Palladino states in his Feb 9th article:

>>A month or so ago I asked for advice and recipes for Pale Ales.
>>I received exactly NO responses.

here you go joe:

This is a Pale Ale recipe I used for my
class. I used M&F PALE Extract and
the grains are more for demonstration than
flavor. I suggest doubling the quantites
of grain to get more from the grains. Also
you should be able to cut the whole recipe in
half for a 5 gallon batch.

(for 10 gallons of beer!)

6.6lbs LIGHT, UNHOPPED Malt Extract (two cans)
5.0 lbs Light Dry Malt Extract
2 cups Corn Sugar
3/4 cups Medium Roast Crystal Malt (1 cup= ~1/4 lbs)
1/4 cups Black Patent Malt (1 cup= ~1/4 lbs)
3.8 oz (105gr)Cascades pelletized Hops (bittering acid 4.4)
1.5oz (40gr) Willamette pelletized Hops (aromatic acid ~4.0)
2 oz Whitebread Dry Ale Yeast (Great Fermentations)
11 gal Clean clear crisp cool refreshing water(deionized/purified)

Original Gravity: 1.047
Terminal Gravity: 1.010

Rich rusty color with well balanced but noticeable hop flavor

I used the infusion method with the flavor grains:
steeped the grains in a mesh bag, until
the water reached boiling then removed the grains
and started the standard extract brew process.
I boiled the wort in an 8 gallon pot and added
4 gallons of cold water. Pitched yeast at 80-85 degrees.
Fermented in 20 gallon open container for 4 days.
Then put in glass carboys at about 60 degrees F
for 24 days. Will bottle on Feb 21.

Note this recipe is used to teach a class the basics of
brewing from extract. I like to use different ingredients
to show the wide range of choices available.

there you go joe,
Dave Baer

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