From the HBD Archive
From: Reed Wade <>
Subject: Several ???'s
Date: 1989-02-12 01:00:58 GMT


Several ???'s

1st. Why do instructions keep telling me not to stir my
yeast? I do it anyway. I can't remember what Papazian
says on the subject, but all the Brit. books say not to.
BTW- I normally start it going in the sticky can that
the extract came in w/a bit of water.

2nd. regarding root beer- I just picked up a little bottle
of Zatarain's (New Orleans) root beer extract and tryed
it out. I used a generic ale yeast I had laying around
and I'm wondering why after brewing this stuff there
appears to be no appreciable alcohol content. I didn't
take notes as I went but I know I added plenty of sugar.
Do yeasties need malt to make alcohol? I'm not complaining,
it's nice and fizzy, just curious. Also- on arriving home
I was disappointed to see that all the ingredients listed
on the bottle were artificial.(What do you want for $0.99?)
Anybody got a good sassafras source in E. Tennesseee?

3rd. regarding plastic bottles- I know of one brewery in
Ontario that sells all their stuff in 1 liter green
bottles but they also include a drink by: date on the
label and tell you to consume the contents within two days
of opening (not a problem, Conners makes great beer).
Several Toronto homebrew shops sell these bottles as well
as the caps. I was told by one employee that the bottles
could be reused, just buy new caps.

Reed "Bud & Twinkies" Wade

PS- just realized that I sent my previous note re: the fact
that I am now getting one copy (instead of two) to the not-
prefered address. Sorry.

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