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From: "MISVX1::HABERMAND" <habermand%misvx1.decnet@afrpl-vax.ARPA>
Subject: High terminal SG also
Date: 1989-02-13 16:37:00 GMT

It seems that I am having the same problem with a high terminal gravity that
Len Reed mentions in Digest #72.

I started with 6 lbs. dark Australian DME, 1 lb. carmel crystal malt, and 3 oz.
hops. The initial gravity was 1.055. I pitched with Wyeast 1098 (British
Ale). It took about a day to get going since I just used the starter in the
foil pouch that it came with. After 4 more days, it seemed like the
fermentation had stopped. I checked the SG and it was 1.021. The directions I
was following said to bottle after fermentation stopped. Other instructions I
have seen, say to let the brew rest for 5 days after fermentation stops before
bottling. I racked it into a secondary fermentation container and decided to
wait another couple of weeks to see what would happen. After 3 weeks the SG
is now 1.019 which I think is a little high. I topped it off with about 1/2
gal. of water to make 5 gallons. The SG is now 1.017 and I am waiting another
week to bottle. I really like the aroma and flavor the way it is now.

My question is: The recipe calls for 1 cup priming sugar at bottling. Should
I add the whole cup with this high gravity or would a half cup be better?



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