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From: Michael Bergman <>
Subject: apple cider disaster
Date: 1989-02-14 16:52:22 GMT

I would say that you fermented out all the sugar (of which there
wasn't very much to begin with) producing not too much alcohol, and
added sugar after the yeast had died...or perhaps there is a
significant amount of alcohol and you just don't like the taste of
apple wine (I don't). A good recipe I've tried the results of called
for a pound of honey per gallon of cider, *then* add the yeast...don't
let it go nearly as long as you did. This recipe was posted on this
board a few weeks ago.

To "save" your brew, I think you should experiment with a bottle, see
how much sugar/honey you have to add to make it have flavor, then pour
it all back into a carboy, add a little more than that much sugar, and
ferment again. This is assuming that there's very little alcohol in
it at present. If there's a fair bit, you may just want to add
sugar/honey. Then again, you may *not* find a "right amount" and have
to throw the stuff away. Oh yeah--try some on your friends--someone
you know may have different tastes than you. I threw away half a
batch of mead that had gone sour only to find that a friend liked
it--quite a surprise to me!


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