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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Re: Home draft (response to Mike Farkas)
Date: 1989-02-14 15:25:14 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #76, Michael L. Farkas <Farkas@GODZILLA.SCH.Symbolics.COM>
asks about "kegs, canisters, and first time brewing"

|Well guys, I've finally decided to take the plunge.
|I'm getting ready to make my first batch of beer.
|I'm going for a lager (seems like the easiest for a
|first time brewer). But it seems like such a pain
|putting the stuff in bottles, so I want to go with a
|tapping system. Now for the questions...

| 1) I only have the resources to make it in five
| gallon batches. am I better off doing it in
| one of those five gallon soda syrup cannisters,
| or is it okay to brew only five gallons in
| a 1/4 or 1/2 keg?

I think its a better idea to go with the five gallon containers.

| 2) If i do it in a five gallon soda cannister,
| am I brain damaged thinking that I can
| easily adapt the setup so I can use either
| the five gallon cannister or a keg, so I can
| buy commercial stuff when I don't have the
| time to make my own?

All you need are the different connectors.

| 3) If I am brain damaged, is it going to cost me
| a fortune to buy a setup with two taps so
| I can keep both on tap?

Just two taps and hoses (and connectors). If you're talking about a
refridgerator with those upright taps, etc, I suspect it would be
a bit more, but certainly cheaper than two units. You could always
buy a used refridgerator and install your own fittings.

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