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Date: 1989-02-14 13:05:00 GMT

Subject: Made a mistake, what are my options

I made a batch of lager last week that included a few firsts for me:

1. I pre-boiled and chilled my water on the advise of this mailing list.
2. I used WYeast for the first time (a lager strain).
3. I dry-hopped (before the warnings came public :-( )

I should also mention that this was an extract brew. I pre-boiled 3 1/2
gallons of water and sealed it to cool in my secondary fridge. I used
2 gallons of water in my boil also to make 5 1/2 gallons. Another bit
of advise from this list was to use extra water so the racking tube
doesn't have to sit in the trub when siphoning. Now the problem:
I racked the brew yesterday and I came up with only 4 gallons (no blowoff
tube method -- 7 gallon plastic primary with lock). Somewhere between the
sterilizing the water on Sunday and boiling the wort on Tuesday, I got
confused and screwed up the quantities. Sounds pretty stupid, but I did it.
My O.G. was 1.052 (as expected). It's now in my secondary in my fridge for
2-3 months. When I bottle, should I add an extra 1 gallon of boiled water
or bottle as it is ?

2 additional questions:

1. To the people who pre-boil their water to sterilize:

How do you cool it without letting air in. When I put the sealed lid on
pressure builds up and steam is released. As it cools, it wants that air
back and the sides of the fermenter contract. I don't want to but a wort
chiller just yet. Do you submerge the container in an ice bath ?
Tell me, tell me, tell me !!

2. Since I am now using WYeast products, I'd like to try culturing the stuff.
I've read tCJoHB and see what Charlie P. says on the subject, but I'd
like to hear your opinions as well. If this has bee covered already,
please mail me copies.

Thanks for the help,
Mark Nevar

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