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Subject: Mex. beer, lemons, flop cider
Date: 1989-02-14 19:08:00 GMT

1] First off, I'm glad somebody came back with some of the
good Mexican darks. What about Indio (my personal fave),
which is rather like a porter, but not quite as sweet?
2] The theory of wiping the dust off beer-can tops with
a chunk of lime (or lemon) and then discarding it is
rather interesting, especially to a folklorist like me.
However, my beer-drinking career began in the days when
ALL beer cans had to be opened with a "church-key" and
I was raised in California on walnut and citrus ranches
and in the barrios. At that point, ONLY Tecate was
imbibed with lemon (ALWAYS lemon, NEVER lime), although
Carta Blanca and Mexicali both came in cans as well. It
was a ritual as structured as that surrounding the
"shooting" of tequila, and went as follows: open the
can of Tecate; squeeze lemon juice onto the can top until
it almost reaches the top of the rim; salt the can top
lightly; drink the beer THROUGH the salted lemon juice,
attempting to make it last till the end of the can. On
a hot day, after a full day in the orchards, that tasted
awfully good -- though I'll admit Tecate on its own
is NOT one of the best.
3] To the gent who flopped his cider -- you can't really
rejuvenate it as CIDER at this point, BUT.... Go back
through the past issues of this hotline (or come back to
me personally through email) and get my recipe for
melomel. Use your dud cider mixed with fresh sweet cider
(in almost any proportions, but the sweet is to enhance
flavour, NOT to allow fermentation -- the honey takes
care of that). As long as the dud stuff is just blah
and hasn't "vinegared", you still have a chance of
producing an entirely drinkable and quite enjoyable

4] Courage will out! I just started my SECOND batch of
Geordie Scottish Export. If it's as good as the first,
I'll be delighted.

Are Geordie products available
anywhere in the States, especially California or Maine?
At any rate, our visiting prof from Sheffield UK said
the first batch actually tasted like BEER, which was a
refreshing change. The archivist, who has brewed in
the past, but had stopped, said tasting mine was so
good it had inspired him to resume brewing. My good
buddy brewer and beer mentor tried mixing some of mine
which had been opened and gone flat with some of his
(lighter) that was heavily carbonated and we both
applauded the result. My gentleman friend was MUCH
impressed, as he particularly likes dark beers, and
a female colleague from Scotland (who likes "beverages"
almost as much as I) said that anytime I wanted to
offer her a pint, SHE'D buy the pizza to go with it.
I think that says a LOT for your combined support and
assistance in my virgin effort. Upward and onward.

Warmth to all, and a Happy Valentine's Day!

-Ye Olde Batte

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