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Subject: Sourness
Date: 1989-02-15 18:26:46 GMT

I have been brewing from extract kits for a couple of years
on and off, something like 15 batches. I'm sold on the
concept, but disappointed in the results. My problem
is that everything I brew has a certain off-taste, which
I can best describe as "sour". In the good batches, it
is only an odor, but in the lousy batches it is a dominant
flavor. It may be associated with excessive foaminess in
the bottle (statistics are sparse). Figuring this for an
infection, I have taken several steps:

- Become fanatic about sterilization (I use clorox
solution, rubber gloves, boil non-meltables,
boiled and cooled water, no dry hopping, prime
with boiled corn sugar syrup;

- Reduced everything to as simple a procedure as
possible (no specialty grains, 1-stage ferment,
dry yeast) - I realize I'm sacrificing taste,
but I'm trying to isolate the problem;

- Tried changing the venue several times (three
locations in two houses);

But the problem remains. I've never had anybody's homebrew
but mine, so I don't have a wide range of tasting experience.
Am I missing something? Or do extract brews just taste like
this normally? I'd appreciate any advice.


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