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From: "MISVX1::HABERMAND" <habermand%misvx1.decnet@afrpl-vax.ARPA>
Subject: RE: Wanted Malt Extract Recipes
Date: 1989-02-16 16:35:00 GMT

J. Wayne Boyer says:

> I am looking for some good malt extract recipies. Specifically,
> recipies for porters, sweet stouts (like Mackeson) and Barley Wines
> (like Old Nick). I have Papazian's book on home brewing, but the

I just joined the AHA and ordered some back issues of Zymurgy magazine. One
of them was the special 1986 - All Extract issue. All the recipes are from
extracts and some contain other grains as adjuncts for flavor and color. It
has several recipes for Lagers, Ales, Porters, Stouts, Meades, Barley Wines
(Anchor's Old Foghorn is mentioned.), and other specialty beers.


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