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From: brian bulkowski <GE710012%BROWNVM.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>
Subject: unknown
Date: 1988-11-30 00:23:57 GMT

Hi Gang:

I'm a bit new to homebrewing, and have only a few decent batches to my
credit. Being a student does that to ya. So here are some rather basic

I've been brewing with exstract, and only use one fermenter. What are the
advantages of using a two fermenter system?

About hops: I'm in a quandry about when to add them to the must, and when
to remove them. Should I throw them into my fermenter, put them into the
must about 10 minutes before stopping boiling, or put them in at the beginning?

About boiling: should it be at a full rolling boil, or just lower than a
boil (slight boil)?

In all these cases I've had information both ways, and am looking for reasons
for doing one over the other. I've currently got several batches going several
ways, and if all else fails, I'll just go with what tastes good to me.

I've put on some cider (having a local orchard that sells w/o preservatives),
and didn't know weather I should boil the stuff to get out whatever yeast
it was currently fermenting on. One gallon I boiled, one gallon I didn't.
I've just sampled the unboiled gallon, which has a slightly off aroma, but
is strong as the dickens. Perhaps you can tell: my typing's a bit off
this evening.

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