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Subject: Re: Irish moss taste (is there any?)
Date: 1989-02-17 15:09:38 GMT

In #79 unet!mccrae!jimmc@Sun.COM (Jim McCrae) says

> I added 1/2 teaspoon Irish moss to the boiling wort for the first time.
> I did detect a faint taste that I couldn't identify. It tasted like it
> might be from the moss. It was something that concerned me when I added it.
> The taste may be from the three stage hopping I used, with Tettnanger at
> zero minus ten and Saaz at the last minute. Whatever it is it will have
> mellowed out by the end of secondary, I'm sure.

Have you used Saaz hops before? These have an unusual musty flavor that
I haven't found in any other variety. It is present in Pilsner Urquell
in spades. My wife once likened this to the smell of manure, not to
attack it but rather to attempt to describe it. There is a similarity.
(It tastes like horse shit, but in a pleasant way. ?!?)

Assuming, though, that it's not the Saaz hops, lets talk about I.M.
I've been meaning to ask about it myself. I use it in my grain beers;
it's suppossed to improve the kettle break. It's so cheap I use it
even though I'm not convinced that it's doing anything. But if I felt
it were doing harm....

Len Reed

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