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Subject: Hagen on Corona and American students....
Date: 1989-02-20 16:13:55 GMT

In hombrew digest 81, Jeff Hagen says:

>There is an exception, Mexican Corona is not so good and the only people
>that drink it are the stupid American students looking for a bargain.

At the risk of sounding like a stupid American student: When I was
down in Ixtapa, if you made a noise like "Corona Bard-eel," you would
get a Corona Barril which was an amberish beer in a short brown
bottle, and was pretty tasty. I was surprised because I've always
referred to Corona as "Mexican Miller," and never cared for it before
that. I still won't touch the regular Corona.

Of course, the best way to get good beer in Mexico is to go down
around Christmas time and say "cerveza Navidad, por favor."

Take care,

Brad Blumenthal uucp: {uunet, harvard}!!brad
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University of Texas

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