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From: John Coughlin <>
Subject: Mexican lemons
Date: 1989-02-20 21:56:00 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #81, Jeff Hagen states

> If you actually go into Mexico you will find that big lemons and
> big limes we know are rare. The small tart Mexican lime is mostly what
> they have and they use it with tecate. There isn't even a separate
> word for 'lemon' in Spanish.

Just to set the record straight, in Spanish, "lime" is "lima", and
"lemon" is "limon" (with an accent on the o), so there is a separate
word for lemon. What Jeff was probably thinking of is the Caribbean
colloquialism for "lima", which is "limon". In fact, there are tropical
fruit which have no name in English, but do in Spanish. For example,
several varieties of banana have their own names (these are also fine
sources of potassium, like beer!).

I would also like to say that I truly enjoy this digest.

John Coughlin, BULL Kingston (613) 541-6439 <JC@RMC.BITNET>

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