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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Limes Lemons Lights
Date: 1989-02-20 13:33:32 GMT

In Homebrew #81 J. Wayne Boyer asks about light's effects on beer:

> Now that I have started to use a 6 gallon clear glass carboy for
>secondary fermentation, I was wondering how my beer might be affected
>by light. I have heard that light is not good for beer, but I don't
>know if that is sunlight or artificial light or whether it is direct
>or ambient. Could someone comment further on this?

Light makes beer skunky. Sunlight or artificial, direct or indirect, light
will have an effect on beer. You should keep beer out of light as much
as possible. (As an experiment, to see the changes for yourself, place a
bottle of beer in strong light (to save time) and keep one in darkness.
Then try them side-by-side.)

Then, in the same issue, our resident linguist :-) Jeffrey R. Hagen suggests:
>If you actually go into Mexico you will find that big lemons and
>big limes we know are rare. The small tart Mexican lime is mostly what
>they have and they use it with tecate. There isn't even a separate
>word for 'lemon' in Spanish.

In spanish the word for lemon is 'limon' with an accent above the 'o'. The
word for lime is 'lima'. BTW, though not a botanist I know that not all
lemons are yellow nor limes green.


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