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From: rogerl@Think.COM
Subject: Irish Moss Questions
Date: 1989-02-21 14:15:26 GMT

>From Digest #79 and #80:
>> I added 1/2 teaspoon Irish moss to the boiling wort for the first time.
>> I did detect a faint taste that I couldn't identify. It tasted like it
>> might be from the moss. It was something that concerned me when I added it.
>> The taste may be from the three stage hopping I used, with Tettnanger at
>> zero minus ten and Saaz at the last minute. Whatever it is it will have
>> mellowed out by the end of secondary, I'm sure.
>Assuming, though, that it's not the Saaz hops, lets talk about I.M.
>I've been meaning to ask about it myself. I use it in my grain beers;
>it's suppossed to improve the kettle break. It's so cheap I use it
>even though I'm not convinced that it's doing anything. But if I felt
>it were doing harm....

I did not use Irish Moss in the beginning, and found that the brew
either was permanently hazy or took a very long time to clear. Even
then it get would chill hazed. Since I've started using Irish Moss the
problems have all but disappeared. As a point of reference I do
partial grain brewing with extracts. I only use about 1/4tsp. per 5
gallon batch and have not noticed much if any flavor changes. This
may also be because I use it all the time now. Also I've used as much
as a full tsp. from time to time. Again with out noticeable flavor
changes. Also I make sure it is *boiled* for at least 10 minutes and
usually not more than 15 minutes. This will also minimize any added
'flavor' from the moss. I've found it to be a big win over all.

Roger Locniskar
old two liner:
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No, but it made Budweiser!

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