From the HBD Archive
From: Aaron Fager <>
Subject: general notes and questions
Date: 1989-02-22 15:11:45 GMT

Just some comments after having read the group for a while....

1. Regarding Pale Ale bitterness: Here in Coral Gables/South Miami,
the Wine and Brew by You had a pale ale with rice syrup added, giving
extra alcohol content with less bitter aftertaste.

2. Regarding the six-month cider experiment: why six months? A good
cider can be had in just two days time, and that saves you six months
of waiting. Were you trying to make apple wine? 8-)

3. A question for y'all: Are there any outlets in Poughkeepsie, New
York? I bought a kit for a friend up there, but he hasn't had much
luck. I heard that mail order stuff isn't as 'fresh', so I would like
to have him make a good brew. Any suggestions?

4. Ditto for Puerto Rico. I figure that must have something local since
shipping must be costing brewers a mint. If so, I have someone interested
in a brewing kit. Should be fun.....

5. Regarding clarity versus taste: How much of a difference will there
be if I don't add beverage settler before bottling? I don't want to
waste a batch in experimentation. Will it taste like there is powder,
or other non-beer flavors, or will it just be the murkiness in the way
of a good looking brew?

Thanks much,
Aaron Fager, University of Miami.

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