From the HBD Archive
Subject: HD #83
Date: 1989-02-22 20:26:53 GMT

John Coughlin comments:

[I store my beer in a refrigerator, and it always tastes fine. I guess
that proves once and for all that the little light *does* go out when
you close the 'fridge door 8-).]

Mine tastes fine, too. However, storing homebrew in the reefer does seem
to increase its vapor pressure. I put it in, and in a little while, it
disappears. My wife and I have decided that this may be due to little
people who snag our homebrew and leave moldy leftovers in its place.

Paul Perlemutter inquires:

Paul Perlmutter inquires about draft beer. I understand that the original
meaning of draft implied keg conditioning, without co2 charging. Very little
carbonation. As for M----r beer, the "draft" seems to have a better foam
head retention than ordinary. It also tastes flatter. The flavor seems to
be about the same as regular. As for "dry", I regard it as another in the
endless effort of commercial breweries to try and pawn off their swill as
something special.

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