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Subject: Roses for Arthur
Date: 1988-11-30 18:32:00 GMT

Sorry about the misinformation on fruit meads. The only people
I know who brew them much PREFER them heavy and sweet and plan
them that way. Many are even made with canned fruit. I'd like
to taste that dryish blueberry. Sounds like I'd enjoy it.
For Arthur and his roses:
I found another rose recipe. I haven't tried this one, so can't
really vouch for it, but it sounds interesting. It's from a
little booklet called "The Delicious Rose" by Geraldine Duncann,
which was circulated at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and May
Market in Agoura CA about 10 or 12 years ago. She calls it
"Rose Melemell" although it has no honey in it, and the recipe
is worded rather archaically, to conform with Faire practice.
"Fill a glass container with rose petals. Cover with water and
let set, covered by a clean cloth, for 3 days. Strain the water
through a cloth and measure. Put to it, one quarter its volume
of white sugar. Set in a jar or crock, add a pinch of dry
yeast and stir well. When it is sparkling (bubbling just ever
so slightly -- this will take from 3 days to one week, depending
on the weather), put into beer or champagne bottles and top with
crown caps. Do not use old wine bottles as the containers must
be able to withstand pressure. Set down to age for at least one
month, but no more than 6. This is an effervescent, lightly
alcoholic brew with a hint of summer roses."
The booklet was printed by Mother Goose Enterprises, 3440
Mountain Spring Road, Lafayette CA 94549, and was
copyrighted by Duncann in 1978. All her books have
interesting recipes for foods and drinks of various
sorts with a medieval bent. You might want to get
hold of them.
I'm about halfway through my beer, and it hasn't lost any
of its charm. I also have a batch of cyser melomel on the
locks and a fresh-off-the-rack metheglyn for the holidays.
Now I'm dropping the brewing until after New Year's, since
I'm too busy BAKING.
I really am sorry about that bloop, but I can only speak
from my own limited experience. Sorry.
In case I'm not back to you before, Happy Holidays!
Also, be CAREFUL about intake and driving!
Love to all,
Ye Olde Batte

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