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Subject: Mead and pH
Date: 1989-02-27 18:33:00 GMT

I have recently made the addition of an occasional batch of mead in my
regular brewing routine. In general, I have been pleased with the results
after following specific recipes. I'm now ready to break away from others'
recipes and try using some of the local fruit waiting in my deep-freeze. My
question concerns the use (or necessity) of acid blend to meads. Papazian's
recent book confuses me on the issue. He states that 'traditional' meads
used no acid additions, but recommends adjusting the acid level with the use
of an acid test kit, particularly when fruits are used. I have two
questions, really. (1) Does the addition of an appropriate amount of acid
significantly improve mead? (2) What is the target pH range? I'm too cheap
to spend 5 bucks on an acid test kit (which I assume is a home titration kit)
when I have the ability to test pH already. Does the .4 to .5 % range called
for with an acid test kit correspond to a pH in the 3's (i.e. the -log(.005))
or are we dealing with a different scale here?

-- Jackie Brown BROWN@MSUKBS

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