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From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
Subject: Yeast Engergizers and Nutrients
Date: 1989-03-01 19:40:00 GMT

I've seen recipes for mead (and sometimes beer, too) which call for YEAST
ENERGIZER or YEAST NUTRIENT. I assume that these are the same, but just
what do they do? I think I read somewhere that these powders contain lots
of amino acids, and that amino acids act like little yeast vitamins. Is
this all they are, or do they also adjust the pH of the must/wort? Are
they really needed in beer, mead or wine?

I don't use yeast nutrient/energizer in my beers. My reasoning is that wort
usually has lots of proteins and amino acids from the malt. When I mash, I do
a 'protein rest' (30 minutes at 122 degrees F) to help break down large
proteins into smaller amino acids. I've been lead to believe that the
increased amino acids help the fermentation and the reduced proteins reduces
the haze in the finished beer. Am I right, or should I use this 'magic
powder' in beer? Will increased nutrients decrease the initial lag time
of the ferment?

I've also seen ACID BLEND. What is this, and how does it affect the beer or

mike fertsch

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