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From: Michael L. Farkas <Farkas@GODZILLA.SCH.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: First batch woes...
Date: 1989-03-02 16:54:00 GMT

I brewed my first batch of home brew a week ago
saturday! :)
All looked like it was going well. I used liquid yeast
and got nice fermentation in about 15 hours after pitching.
I decided to do a two stage fermentation. This is where
my possible problem begins.
A week later later, when the violent fermentation was appearently
done, I racked into a second carboy and attached an "S" shapped
fermentation lock like I used to use when I made wine. The reason
for using this lock was because i find it easier to detect small
abounts of escaping CO2. A day had passed and no indication of
escaping gas was present. I even gave the carboy a little shake,
and nothing! I then checked the SG and found that it was approaching
1.0. Realizing the importance of the protective CO2 layer, I panicked
and bottled! 8-O
Throughout the process, the temperature has been right around 60 to
65 degrees F.
It's been about 5 days now and the beer (Irish Ale) seems to have cleared
real well. From what I have read and been told this should have taken
between two and three weeks before bottling.
Did I rush? Am I going to have sick beer?

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