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From: "V70NPT::LENO" <leno%v70npt.decnet@nusc.ARPA>
Subject: Original and Final Gravities of Malt extracts.
Date: 1988-11-30 15:49:00 GMT

Does any one have any data on what percent of the original
gravity of lets say crystal malt is unfermentable and contributes
to the final gravity? Also maybe how much of the final gravity
are complex sugars? I am looking at this as a way to figure out
how sweet a beer will be once it is done. This may be something
that was sent a ways back, but I'm a relatively new reader. I am
looking for this information in regards to malt/extract, grains
etc. I know some cans of malt extract list there final gravity,
I was wondering if a table or something of the sort exists. I
saw the Zymurgy article that listed tables of bittering units etc.
Has someone done the same with gravities.

Scott Leno

PS I'm not trying to make this a science but I would like to
be able to plan my brew just a little bit.

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