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From: Donald P Perley <steinmetz!trub!perley@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: Yeast Nutrients & energizer
Date: 1989-03-03 14:14:02 GMT

> Am I right, or should I use this 'magic
>powder' in beer? Will increased nutrients decrease the initial lag time
>of the ferment?

Malt should have everything yeast needs in the way of nutrients. It may
help if you are into low malt, high sugar recipies. I use it for starting
yeast if I am using sugar water instead of cooled wort, but I don't
try to dose the whole batch.

Some fruit wines are deficient in nutrients (mostly nitrogen) and need
a boost. One example is cider made from wild apples which sometimes has
trouble fermenting completely (trees in orchards have generally seen some
kind of plant food, so the juice has more nitrogen).

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