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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: green glass
Date: 1989-03-03 15:56:29 GMT

It was a cloudless day here (in North Carolina) yesterday, so I put
a brown and a green bottle of ale out in the sun at noon. Temp of
beer and outdoors were both close to 60 degrees. I left them out
for 30 minutes, then put them inside with a third bottle that had
only seen the inside of a dark room since bottling. After work I
compared the three. There was a small but noticeable change to the
flavor of the "green bottle" beer, but I could not detect a difference
between the "brown bottle" beer and the control. The difference came
across as a dulling of the distinct flavors that were present in the
unaffected samples. I couldn't detect any difference in aroma.

I decided on 30 minutes rather than the "20 minutes to destruction"
figure I'd read somewhere to assure definite results. Now I wish it
had been 60 minutes to perhaps make a noticeable difference in the
brown bottle sample and accentuate the changes to the green bottle
sample. Obviously, it would have been worthwhile to use more than
one bottle of each color, clear bottles to sample the extreme
case, etc. But on the basis of this trivial experiment I'm convinced
I can go back to a relaxed state and not fear that my green bottle
beer would be ruined by a few moments exposure to sunlight.

Pete Soper, Encore Computer Corp, 901 Kildaire Farm Rd., bldg D
Cary, North Carolina 27511 USA phone 1 919 481 3730
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uucp: {talcott,linus,bu-cs,bellcore,decvax,necntc}!encore!soper

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