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From: ephram@violet.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-03-06 01:39:52 GMT

I have heard refrence to a "roller" type of grain crusher. I assume that this
is in fact 2 steel cylinders set next to each other (like the hot dog cookers
@ the game). The rollers have some adjustment for size of gap between them
and they rotate "towards each other" to form a flow through the gap between
the rollers. My question is

1) Do I want to build such a grinder (crusher) or should I just buy a corona
grain mill?

2) supposing that I decided to create one of these milling machines what are
the specs? in specific, What gap range should I allow for between the rollers?

3) What materials should the rollers be made out of?

4) What speed(s) should I allow the rollers to rotate at?

5) What diamater roller should I use?

6) What day is today?

7) Am I on the right network?

8) Do I really want to undertake this project?

9) Who am us anyway?

Inquiring minds want to know!

We must prevent those commies from compromising the integrity of our
precious bodily fluids. -Gen. Jack D. Ripper
Ephram Cohen
466 44th St. #1 3210 Tolman Hall
Oakland, CA 94609 Berkeley, CA 94720

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