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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Wyeast #1098
Date: 1989-03-06 02:12:08 GMT

The ale I recently made with the new Wyeast type 1098 ("Whitbread") came
out very estery. At bottling time there was a very strong smell of apple and
banana. I've experienced a touch of estery aroma at bottling before. This was
VERY much stronger and there was even a fruity flavor in the beer. After two
weeks the aroma is less pronounced but still quite noticeable. The fruity
flavor is gone. In other words, the serious defects have subsided 8^)
Boring details: Fermentation at 61 degrees for the first 3 days and 65
degrees for the last 2. Original gravity 1.051, terminal gravity 1.019. Packet
dated Dec 16 '88, swelled fully in 24 hours at 61 degrees. Three quarters of
packet pitched into 1 pint starter. Starter kept at 61 degrees for 3 days
before pitching to wort. The one thing unusual about this batch was that the
sugar rest was 156 degrees for 30 minutes. This had two obvious effects. The
terminal gravity was high, as expected, and there was very little hot and cold
break, despite an 80 minute, vigorous boil.
I have the remaining 1/4 packet and am considering using it in one more
batch. The sugar rest temp will obviously be lower but I'm also considering
doing the fermentation at 68-70 degrees too.

--Pete Soper

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