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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: boring mashing details
Date: 1989-03-06 02:42:07 GMT

I've made four batches of beer with Briess 6 row pale malt now and played
with mash temperatures to measure the effect on final gravity. Here is what
I got:

1. 150-148 degrees, 2 hours --> 1.048 / 1.006 #2007 Wyeast
2. 156-156 degrees, 1/2 hour --> 1.051 / 1.019 #1098 Wyeast
3. 152-151 degrees, 1 hour --> 1.049 / 1.012 Doric Ale Yeast (dried)
4. 152-151 degrees, 1 hour --> 1.045 / 1.010 #2007 Wyeast

First temp, starting, next after end of sugar rest in a highly insulated
mash tun. Acid rest was 15 minutes at 115 degrees and protein rest was 30
minutes at 124 degrees in each case. Transition from protein to sugar rest
took 2-3 minutes. Hot water infusion was used for everything except 168
degree mash off, which was done on the stove top in an average of 15 minutes.
Several weeks ago I asked for tips for calibrating my thermometers to be
accurate at mashing temps. I got nothing from you gentlepersons on this
but borrowed a copy of Miller's new book which suggests use of a fever
thermometer to very accurately indicate temps around 100 degrees (using a
water bath). This worked well and I now use grease pencil marks on my
thermometers like "+2" and "+0" to indicate what I have to add to a reading
for correction.

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