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From: Tom Hotchkiss <trh@hpestrh>
Subject: Grape Concentrate
Date: 1989-03-06 16:26:10 GMT

I have to apologize for asking a wine question in the brew newsletter,
but that's what you get for not controlling the distribution...

Anyway, I am a seasoned brewer and decided to try making wine. So, I
trucked down to the Brew-it in Fort Collins and picked up a can of grape
concentrate and a "how to" book. The book says that concentrate should
be stored between 32 and 60 degrees. At 70 degrees it has a shelf life
of a few days. According to the book, concentrate which is too old
has a slight molasses smell, and will have the color of a cut apple
exposed to air (for white concentrate). The concentrate I bought was stored
at room temp, was covered with dust, and had the molasses smell and brown
color. I went ahead and made the wine anyway, but I have two questions:

1) Will the final product be OK? I mean, will it simply not be as good
or will it taste like something extracted from a litter box?

2) Does anyone know a reliable source of grape concentrate? I'm going to
try the Wine & Hop Shop in Denver, and if that doesn't work I'll be
looking for a mail order source.

-- T. Hotchkiss (Proprieter, Chateau Wad)

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