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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Killer Party Ale
Date: 1989-03-06 17:04:29 GMT

Here's a recipe I got from Craig McTyre at Wine & Brew a couple weeks ago..
It makes a really great beer he calls "Killer Party Ale".

For a 5 gallon batch...

2 cans of Pilsner/Lager or American Light Malt
15 cups corn sugar
2 jars Lyle's Golden Syrup (22oz)
2.5 oz Hallertauer hops
2 lbs flaked maize
1 pkt BrewMagic.

In 1 gal. water boil malt, golden syrup, sugar and 1.5 oz hops for 8 minutes,
add remaining hops and boil for another 2 min. Pour into primary fermenter
with 2 gal. water.

Bring another gallon to a boil and add flaked maize. Turn off heat and add
1/3 pkt BrewMagic. Let sit 10 min.

Add second 1/3 pkt BrewMagic. Let sit another 10 min.

Add last 1/3 pkt BrewMagic. Let sit 10 more min.

Strain maize into primary fermenter, and rinse with some cold water.

Discard maize, and fill primary fermenter to 5 gal. mark.

Start S.G. is about 1.090, ending S.G. is about 1.015. Will be around 10.5%
alcohol by volume!!!

Quite good.

a.e.mossberg MIAVAX::AEM (Span) aem@umiami.BITNET (soon)
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