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From: "FERTSCH@MECCAD.RAY.COM" <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
Subject: Spiced Ales
Date: 1988-10-31 17:07:00 GMT

I got a few questions about spiced ales; I'd like to make a Holiday ale
with corriander and cardomon (a la last year's Anchor Christmas Ale). How
do I add the spices, how much should I use?

My plan is to add the spices just at the end of the boil, dump them in with
my finishing hops. I've also considered adding them when I rack to secondary,
much like dry hopping. Any ideas?

I am guessing on the amount of spice to add to the wort and/or beer. I plan
on using 1/8 tsp of corriander and 1/16 tsp of cardomon per 12 ounce bottle;
this translates to 5 tsp and 2.5 tsp per 5 gallon (40 bottle) batch. I based
this by doctoring Sierra Nevada Pale Ale; I mixed the spice and beer in a

How do spices change during the ferment? Will the spices lessen their effect
because aromatics are driven off by the carbon dioxide? Will the spices
increase their affect because of long contact with the beer?

Mike Fertsch

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