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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Yeast Culturing Question + Oatmeal Wheat Stout Recipe
Date: 1989-03-06 20:12:50 GMT

First a question, then a recipe...

At several net-people's advice my brewing partners and I decided to try
liquid yeast cultures. One of us was in England a couple weeks ago, and
brought back a few vials of liquid yeast. Well, to make a long story short,
we cultured a vial of Vierka Lager yeast and appear to have been quite
sucessful (we'll know in a few weeks when our first batch of beer made with
this yeast is done). We used the Yeast Bank kit that Williams Brewing sells
to save the cultured yeast.

Now for the question. Awhile back there was some discussion about alternate
sources for the Freeze Shield that comes with the kit, and on yeast
propagation using these kits in general. At the time I didn't save the
information, but now I'm interested. Did anyone save any of this
information (maybe the original authors are listening)? The tubes that came
with the kit have Fisher Scientific on their label, so I suspect that I can
buy more tubes from them.


Now for a recipe. A while back someone asked for a Oatmeal Stout recipe. I
didn't see one get posted, so when I ran across this one I thought that
someone might be interested.

This is copied from the June 1986 issue of "All About Beer". The original
brewer is listed as Kenneth Kramer, who according to the magazine took
second place in the 1985 AHA Competition, Speciality Catagory. I haven't
tried the recipe, nor will I comment on the choice of hops, etc.

Ingredients for 5 gallons

4 gal Best Brewing Water
3.3 lbs Edme Irish Stout extract
3.3 lbs Edme Light Beer Extract
3 lbs pale, two row malted barley
2 lbs crystal malt
1 lb wheat malt
1 lb old-fashioned oatmeal
2.5 cups roasted barley
4 cups black patent malt
1 packet Edme yeast
1 stick Brewers Licorice
2 oz fresh Hallertauer hops
1 oz fresh Tettnang hops
0.5 tsp Irish Moss
1 tsp Diastatic Enzyme Powder

Starting S.G.: 1.078
Finishing S.G.: 1.032

Fermentation takes place in a closed 5 gallon glass water jug with a
blow-off tube attached. Use single stage ferment.


1) Crush the pale and crystal malt. Crush the black patent loosely. Place
oatmeal loosely in cheesecloth.

2) Mash all grains for 1 1/2 hours except the 2 cups crushed Black Patent,
and add the diastatic enzyme.

3) Sparge and begin the boil, add extracts and licorice.

4) After 15 minutes of boil, add 1 oz Tettnang hops and continue boil.
After another 15 minutes, add 1/2 oz Hallertauer hops. During the last 15
minutes of the total boil, add Irish Moss and 2 cups crushed Black Patent
Malt. During the last two minutes of boil, add 1 oz Hallertauer hops.

5) Cool rapidly and pitch yeast, ferment and bottle as usual.


If anyone tries this recipe I'd be interested in the results.


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