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From: Darryl Richman <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #94 (March 06, 1989)
Date: 1989-03-06 14:00:32 GMT

"I have heard refrence to a "roller" type of grain crusher. I assume that this
"is in fact 2 steel cylinders set next to each other (like the hot dog cookers
"@ the game). The rollers have some adjustment for size of gap between them
"and they rotate "towards each other" to form a flow through the gap between
"the rollers. My question is
"1) Do I want to build such a grinder (crusher) or should I just buy a corona
"grain mill?

Such a crusher is more in line with the industry specifications,
although they may crush wetted grain and their crushers may have up to
three sets of rollers.

"2) supposing that I decided to create one of these milling machines what are
"the specs? in specific, What gap range should I allow for between the rollers?

You should try to get whatever gives you the right results: floured
interiors and whole husks. In fact you'll probably want to use
different settings for different malts: wheat has hardly any husk at
all, and should be crushed more thoroughly.

"3) What materials should the rollers be made out of?

The Falcons built a roller crusher out of two rollers obtained from a junked
supermarket checkout conveyor belt. I believe they were made of
steel. One member welded together a frame from angle iron and attached
the mounts for the rollers. The rollers were driven by chain from a
low speed electric motor; there was a referse speed to clear jams. A
sheet metal hopper reduced to a long, thin openning just above the two
rollers and a sheet metal tray was angled down and out beneath them.
The crushed grain was caught in a bucket from the outflow of the tray.
The whole shebang could be leaned back onto lawn mower wheels and
easily moved about.

"4) What speed(s) should I allow the rollers to rotate at?

Our crusher was driven pretty slowly, maybe 30-60 rpm as a guess.

"5) What diamater roller should I use?

These were perhaps 2-3" in diameter.

"8) Do I really want to undertake this project?

I don't know, and I wasn't in the club when it was built, so I don't
know how much agony it caused.

--Darryl Richman

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