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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: RE: Killer Party Ale
Date: 1989-03-08 15:52:08 GMT

Mike Fertsch--

Lyle's Golden Syrup is hardly an "unusual" ingredient or a "shop brand". It
is a very well-known product from Britain. Perhaps is in the
boonies? Lyle's Golden Syrup is a brand of cane sugar syrup. BrewMagic is
-- you guessed it -- enzymes. It was pretty obvious, and it is also a very
widely distributed brand. I'm surprised you didn't ask me the alpha acid
of the hops too.

Party Killer Ale is somewhat close to Carlsberg Elephant Malt Liquor.

Now, on one hand you have these people who want each little detail in a
recipe, because apparently a beer is not worth making unless they can
specifically duplicate it down to a chemical level.

Then you have these other people who keep saying "experiment", "try different
things", "be creative".

And curiously, they're the same people, just on different days.

Sounds like a job for sci.psychology to me.

And whatever happened to the AHA credo "Relax, Don't worry!" ?? It seems
oft quoted enough!

I wonder if these people also write to restaurants ala "Regarding the recipe
your chef printed in the newspaper last week, she did not specify the
variety of oregano used nor its harvest date. Were the eggs hen's or duck's?
Does "cooking sherry" refer to fino or cream? The recipe says "cook
for 25 minutes" yet my perusal of the article suggests that 32 minutes 17
seconds might be a better figure. And finally, the article did not say if
the recipe was good, or if I might want to try it. How on earth am I to
know these things if you don't explicitly state them?"

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