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Subject: Mr. Mossberg's Flame of Mike Fertsch
Date: 1989-03-09 19:23:36 GMT

Mr. Mossberg has, in my opinion, broken some rules of etiquette which we
had been tacitly practicing here on the digest. He has severly berated
Mike, and I think unfairly so. I receive mailings from many homebrew
supplies shops around the country and NONE of them list "Lyle's Syrup"
I had exactly the same questions as mike did regarding the origins
of some of those ingredients, but he asked it first.

Mr. Mossberg you should remember a few things about this digest
1) Many of the people reading it are just getting started and DO NEED to
have many things explained to them, like what Brew Magic is, etc..

2) Up until your flame of Mike this was a friendly forum and even people
with opposing opinions (such as in the discussion of the AHA competition
structure) kept things civil and did not resort to personal attacks

3) Just because you can get certain ingredients where you are (Miami??)
doesn't mean they are available everywhere. I am affiliated with a homebrew
store here in Troy which is one of the biggest in the nation, and certainly
the Northeast and some of the ingredients you listed are not even
available through our wholesaler, who is one of the nations largest.
One of the most common occurences at the store is when people bring in
Papazians book and look for ingredients no longer available or ones we
don't stock. They are typically confused and have to be helped in
substituting available brands. Recipes which are not brand dependent are
the most useful, especially since if people are unfamiliar with the
characteristics of the brand you use it becomes difficult to substitute
and acheive something close (notice I said close and not exact, certainly
there are those who are overzealous in their quest to exactly duplicate
recipes, but isn't after all, the point of posting a recipe so that the
person using it can make something similar???)

Oh by the way, Mike works near Boston, not exactly the boonies, and an
area with quite a good variety of local brewries, brewpubs and supply shops.

If you wish to flame me please keep in mind that my 90 year old grandmother
lives in N. Miami Beach and I may send her by your house to tell you off.

I, and I'm sure Rob G. as well as many others would like to see this remain
a friendly forum and not a flame fest. If you want to flame people you can
join Oleg on Soc.Singles.

- Jay Hersh
(formerly of the Rensselaer Design Research Center, hopefully surfacing
soon at another internet site electronically near you)

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