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Subject: Commonness of ingredient availability
Date: 1989-03-09 20:20:00 GMT

While I agree that Lyle's Golden Syrup is not
rare or "unusual" to me, personally, I don't
believe you can make the blanket statement
that, if it's not available where you live,
you must be in the "boonies." I have lived
for extended periods in California, Maryland,
Maine, and Newfoundland. I believed that
certain commodities were found on the shelves
of EVERY supermarket in the world. Little
did I know. Mexican and Chinese items were
not to be found in Maryland (at least not
where I was), Maine had never heard of
hominy, and ripe black olives were only
available in bulk at gourmet specialty shops
in Newfoundland (plus no hominy there, either.)
I have lived in communities where there were
stores that sold Lyle's, and where there
were not. It is a British product, and is
therefore available everywhere in Newfoundland.
I never saw it in Maryland. In California
and in Maine I had to know WHERE to get it.
That was the reason I asked about the
availability of Geordie products in the
States. I might add that NOBODY came back
telling me where they were available. I
had one answer (or question) asking me
about my brewing methods with this product,
as the questioner had some and wanted to
make best use of same. Foodways differ all
over North America -- that's why we have
"regional" cooking. Right now I'm filling
up on donairs, salt fish and brewis, cod
tongues, and (get this) fish and chips WITH
dressing and gravy and peas and onions.
When I'm in California, I intend to pig
out on Mexican and Middle Eastern food and
tri-tips steaks and Jocko beans. That way,
when I go to the UK, I'll be ready to try
new stuff and my tummy won't be so homesick
for what I left behind.

Chances are, you'll find SOME source for
Lyle's Golden Syrup in any major North
American city, but you may have to try
Brit import shops. Don't be a snob.

"Ye Olde Batte"(MHALLEY@MUN.CA"

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