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Subject: More about Lyle's Golden
Date: 1989-03-10 14:56:00 GMT

One thing I forgot to mention about Lyle's
Golden Syrup -- and a VERY important point
on this hotline -- is that it is a GROCERY
product, NOT a BREWER'S product| I didn't
think of that until the gent with the brew
store said he didn't know of it and somebody
mentioned Karo. You'll find it with the
pancake syrups and stuff. It's REALLY good
for that sort of thing. I have NEVER used
it in any of my alcoholic endeavours.
By the way, speaking of syrups and continuing
where I left off yesterday, sorghum generally
unavailable in Maine and Nfld. Also LIGHT
molasses (like Brer Rabbit brand). And Nfld.
has no WHITE corn syrup except just before
Christmas. BUT, Nfld. DOES have a market
that purveys fresh-squeezed O.J. in the
produce dept., like Calif., while I was in
areas in Maine and Maryland where one was
lucky to find frozen instead of canned.

I totally agree about the flames. This is
a forum for the exchange of information, not
a debating society where we're out to prove
the other guy (or gal) wrong. There have
certainly been points raised in the past
with which I've disagreed. I HOPE I voiced
that disagreement in a manner less than
disagreeABLE. At least I try.

What about Geordie? Any answers? I really
like my results and am currently too
nomadic to really get creative/innovative.

Cheers to all,
"Ye Olde Batte"(MHALLEY@MUN.CA)

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